Publications in the Year: 2015

Journal Article

Martin Beeres, Kimberly Williams RBJSMKTG-RW, Clara Lee, Julian L. Wichmann CFN-EN-ETVAJ, and Josef Matthias Kerl BB.  2015.  First Clinical Evaluation of High-Pitch Dual-Source Computed Tomographic Angiography Comparing Automated Tube Potential Selection With Automated Tube CurrentModulation. Journal Computer Assisted Tomography. 39:624–628.first_clinical_evaluation_of_high-pitch_dual-source_computed.pdf
Boris Bodelle, Martin Beeres SSJWN-EAN-ETVLJ, BS.  2015.  Automated Tube Potential Selection as a Method of Dose Reduction for CT of the Neck: First Clinical Results. American Journal of Roentgenology. 204(April):1049–1054.automated_tube_potential.pdf