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El Akkad, D. M. H., N. S. M. El-Gebaly, H. - A. S. A. Yousof, and M. A. M. Ismail, "Electron Microscopic Alterations in Pediculus humanus capitis Exposed to Some Pediculicidal Plant Extracts", The Korean Journal of Parasitology, vol. 54, no. 4: Korean Society for Parasitology, pp. 527, 2016. Abstract
El-Sayed, S. H., H. E. B. A. T. - A. L. L. A. H. S. A. YOUSOF, and M. O. N. A. M. M. KHATER, "ASSESSMENT OF THE EFFECTOR ANTIBODIES AGAINST SCHISTOMA MANSONI AND THEIR IMPACT ON MEFLOQUINE EFFICACY", Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology, vol. 48, issue 1, 2018. 5._assessment_of_the_effector_antibodies_against_schistosoma_mansoni_and_their_impact_on_mefloquine_efficacy.pdf