CicerSpTEdb2.0: An Upgrade of Cicer Species Transposable Elements Database

Mokhtar, M. M., A. S. Fouad, H. M. Abd-Elhalim, and A. El Allali, "CicerSpTEdb2.0: An Upgrade of Cicer Species Transposable Elements Database", Plant Genomic and Cytogenetic Databases, New York, NY, Springer US, pp. 71 - 82, 2023.


To meet the critical demand of LTR-RTs data-driven research, we updated the CicerSpTEdb database to version 2.0, which includes more accurate intact LTR-RT elements with annotation of internal domains. We also added the ability to BLAST against TEs of Cicer species. As a result, 3701 intact LTR-RTs were detected in the studied genomes, including 2840 Copia and 861 Gypsy elements. Of the 3701 intact LTR-RTs, 588 were in C. arietinum, including 475 Copia and 113 Gypsy. While 1373 were detected in C. reticulatum, including 1041 Copia and 332 Gypsy. Furthermore, 1740 were found in C. echinospermum, including 1324 Copia and 416 Gypsy. Based on LTR-RT clades, the analysis classified the 3701 identified intact LTR-RTs in the studied genomes as Ale (850), SIRE (740), unknown (455), Ikeros (323), Reina (290), Tork (290), Ivana (282), Tekay (197), Athila (128), TAR (99), CRM (31), and Ogre (16) elements. The newly updated CicerSpTEdb2.0 will be a valuable resource for TEs of Cicer species and their comparative genomics.



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