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Abdelkader, N. A., O. M. Younes, S. F. A. E. Mageed, and E. G. El Bana, "Higher Prevalence of Trunk Rotation of the Egyptian Students in Urban Areas than Countryside One", Physiotherapy Quarterly, vol. 31, issue 1, 2023. physitherapy_quarterly2023.pdf
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Abdelkader, N. A., A. S. Asker, S. F. A. E. Mageed, and S. N. A, "Validity and Reliability of Posture Screen Mobile Application in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis", Med. J. Cairo Univ., vol. 82, issue 2, pp. 601-607, 2021. medical_journal_of_cairo_university-paper-2021.pdf
Abdelkader, N. A., A. Y. Mahmoud, N. A. Fayaz, and L. S. E. - D. Mahmoud, "Decreased neck proprioception and postural stability after induced cervical flexor muscles fatigue.", Journal of musculoskeletal & neuronal interactions, vol. 20, issue 3, pp. 421-428, 2020. Abstractjmni-paper-2020.pdf

OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the effect of cervical flexor muscles fatigue on neck proprioception and postural stability.

METHODS: Forty-five male and female subjects were evaluated pre, immediate after induction of fatigue, and after recovery. Isometric neck flexor muscle endurance test (NET) was used for the induction of cervical flexor muscle fatigue. Cervical proprioception was assessed by cervical joint position error test (JPET) via overhead laser pointer while postural stability was assessed by using (a) biodex balance system measuring "Overall stability index (OSI), Anterior/ posterior (A/P) index and medial/ lateral (M/L) index", (b) multidirectional reach test.

RESULTS: There was a significant decrease in cervical proprioception (cervical joint position error test) and postural stability (biodex balance system & multidirectional reach test) immediate post-induction of fatigue compared with both before induction of fatigue & after recovery from fatigue (p<0.001).

CONCLUSION: Subjects suffering from cervical muscles fatigue are vulnerable to have a significant effect on neck proprioception and postural instability as it impaired the cervical proprioception sense & postural stability. Therefore, our study provides information for the clinicians and patients to avoid overload fatigue of the cervical muscles because it affects overall postural balance, neck proprioception & righting reaction.

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