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Hassan, A. S., and S. G. Nassr, "THE INVERSE WEIBULL GENERATOR OF DISTRIBUTIONS: PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS", Journal of Data Science, vol. 15, issue 4, pp. 723-742, 2018. 2018_the_inverse_weibull_generator_of_distributions.pdf
Almutairi, A., A. S. Hassan, S. S. Alshqaq, R. Alsultan, A. M. Gemeay, S. G. Nassr, and M. Elgarhy, "Inverse Power Ramos-Louzada Distribution with Various Classical Estimation Methods and Modeling to Engineering Data", AIP Advances , 2023.
Hassan, A. S., E. M. Almetwally, S. C. Gamoura, and A. S. M. Metwally, "Inverse Exponentiated Lomax Power Series Distribution: Model, Estimation, and Application", Journal of Mathematics, vol. 2022, pp. 1-21, 2022. inverse_exponentiated_lomax_power_series.pdf
Ahmadini, A. A. H., A. S. Hassan, M. Elgarhy, M. ELSEHETRY, S. S. Alshqaq, and S. G. Nassr, "Inference of Truncated Lomax Inverse Lomax Distribution with Applications", Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 29, issue 1, pp. 199-212, 2021. 15_inference_of_truncated_lomax_inverse_lomax_distribution.pdf
Fayomi, A., Hassan, and E. A. Almetwally, "Inference and quantile regression for the unit exponentiated Lomax distribution", PLoS ONE, vol. 18, issue 7, 2023. unit_exponentiated_lomax.pdf
Alghamdi, S. M., R. A. R. Bantan, A. S. Hassan, H. F. Nagy, I. Elbatal, and M. Elgarhy, "Improved EDF-Based Tests for Weibull Distribution Using Ranked Set Sampling", Mathematics, 2022. mathematics-10-04700.pdf