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Hassan, A. S., S. A. Atia, and H. Z. Muhammed, "Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Inference of Exponentiated Moment Exponential Distribution with Progressive Censored Samples", RT&A, vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 264-281, 2023. rta_1_2023-22-1.pdf
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Hassan, A. S., R. S. Elshaarawy, and H. F. Nagy, "Reliability Analysis of Exponentiated Exponential Distribution for Neoteric and Ranked Sampling Designs with Applications", STATISTICS, OPTIMIZATION AND INFORMATION COMPUTING, 2023. ss_neotric_exp._exponential.pdf
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Hassan, A. S., I. M. Almanjahie, A. I. Al-Omari, L. Alzoubi, and H. F. Nagy, "Stress–Strength Modeling Using Median-Ranked Set Sampling: Estimation, Simulation, and Application", Mathematics, 2023.