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Fiqh Wanita :Dari Klasik sampai Modern, Sangat prakits dan membantu mengtahui hukum- hukum dasar Fiqh bagi wanita. K.H. Hasyim Muzadi, President WCRP (World Conference on Religions for Peace ) dan Sekjen ICIS (International Conference for Islamic Scholars).


Academic Articles in Arabic Magazines


Academic Article Title

Publisher and Year of Publication

Between Religion and Philosophy: The Devil and Problem of Evil in the World

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 131, 2006

Between Science, Philosophy and Academic Research

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 152, 2007.

Reinforcing Social Capital

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education Issue 144, 2007.

Spirit and Spiritual Education in the Contemporary Western Philosophies

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 126, 2005

Closed Mind or Dogmatics

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 133, 2006

Moderate Rationality and Extremist Rationality

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 136, 2006

How Could Countries Face Rumors?

The Diplomat Magazine, Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Saudi Foreign Ministry, Issue 38, 2008

Religion Has Another Meaning

The Diplomat Magazine, Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Saudi Foreign Ministry, Issue 34, 2007

Arab Plan Initiative for Education of Human Rights: between Islamic Foundation and Human Rational Foundation

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 171, 2009


System Of Rights And Human Middle Ground

Al Rafid Magazine, Culture and Media Department, Sharqah Governorate, October 2009, Issue 146

Criticism of Western Ethical Philosophies: Ethics of Progress

Al Ma'rafah Magazine, Saudi Ministry of Education, Issue 130, 2006

Seven Concerns

Al Gomhouria Book (The Road to Presidency)





1.       Encyclopedia Britannica for Religions. Sole translator, Cairo, Shorouk Bookshop, 2010 (In press).

2.       Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy. Co-translator, Cairo, National Council for Translation. I translated the assigned part, and the rest of the encyclopedia is underway.

3.       Future of Political Islam, written by Graham Fuller, (revising the translation), Cairo, Cairo University's Center for Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Translation, 2013.


Authenticated books

1-          Almuhasabi, Understanding The Prayer, Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1983

2-          Almuhasabi, Almakaseb (The Benefits), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1983

3-          Abdel Ghani Alnabulsi, Idah Eldalalat Fi Samaa Alalat (Clarifying Denotations In Listening to Instruments), Almaaref Alislamiyah Bookshop, Dar Elfikr Elarabi, 1983

4-          Alghazali, Almaqsed Alasna Fi Sharh Asmaa Allah Alhosna (The Highest Purpose Of Explaining Alla’s Most Beautiful Names), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1984

5-          Almuhasabi, Altawahom (Illusion), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1984

6-          Alghazali, Kitab Alzawag (The Book of Marriage), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1984

7-          Alnawawi, Altaqreeb Waltayseer Sharh Sonan Albasheer Alnazeer (Approximation and Facilitation In Explaining The Ways Of The Herald and Warner), Beirut, Dar Elkitab Elarabi, 1985

8-          Ibn Alqayyim, Alfawa’ed (The Benefits), Lebanon, Dar Elkitab Elarabi, 1985

9-          Alghazali, Bidayat Alhidayah (The Beginning of Guidance), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1985

10-       Alghazali, Kitab Aldaawat Almostagabah (The Book Of Answered Prayers), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1985

11-        Ibn Alqayyim, Odat Alsabireen Wazakherat Alshakireen (Preparation of The Patient And Provisions Of The Thankful), Lebanon, Dar Elkitab Elarabi, 1985

12-       Ibn Hagar Alhaythami, Mokhtasar Alzawager An Iqteraf Alkabaer (Single Cries About Committing Grave Sins), Cairo, Dar Albasheer, 1985

13-       Alhakeem Altermezzi, Almanhiyaat (The Prohibitions), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1986

14-       Alghazali, Kimyaa Alsaadah (The Alchemy of Happiness), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1987

15-       Ibn Alqayyim, Aldaa Wal Dawaa (The Illness And The Cure), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop, 1988

16-       Alshawkani, Adab Altalab Wa Montaha Alarab (Polite Request And The Highest Desire), Cairo, Ibn Sina Bookshop, 1988

17-       Alsakhawi, Alealan Beltawbeekh Leman Zama Altareekh (Declaration by Rebuke For The One Who Dispraised History), Beirut, Cairo, Ibn Sina Bookshop, 1989

18- Ibn Alqayyim, Eghathet Allahfan (Rescuing The Worried), Cairo, Al-Qur'an Bookshop,

      19- Alfarq bin al feraq (The Difference between Sects), Al-Baghdadi, Cairo, Ibn Sina
            Bookshop, 1988

  1. Alqawl al mufid in alijihad wa altaqlid (The Useful Say in Ijtihad and Parody), Al-Shawkani, Cairo, Ibn Sina Bookshop, 1408 A.H.
  2. Kashf Asrar albatneyh and akhbar al Karamateh wa kayfayat mazhabhum and bayan i'tikadihim (Revealing the Latent Secrets and the News of Karamateh, Their Creed and Explanation of Their Belief), Ibn Malek Al-Yamani, Cairo, Ibn Sina Bookshop, 1988
  3. Almaqasid alhasanah fima ishtoheira al alsinat alnas min alahadith almoshtahara (Good Intentions of the Most Famous Sayings of People), Beirut, Dar Al-Kitab Al-Arabi, 1985
  4. Tamyiz altayeb wal khabeth fima yadoor al alsinat alnas min alhadith (Distinguish between the Good and Bad Talk of People), Ibn Al-Diba', Cairo, Ibn Sina Bookshop, 1989
  5. Alhasana wa alsaye'h (The Good Deed and the Bad Deed), Ibn Taymiyyah, Lebanon, Beirut, Dar Al-Kitab Al-Arabi, 1984


In Printing


1.      Encyclopedia of Religions, Creeds and Contemporary Parties, (writing all the assigned part on modern and contemporary concepts and trends), Saudia Arabia, International Symposium, Third Edition, in printing.

2.      Intermediary Encyclopedia of Religious Sects, Creeds and Contemporary Movement (writing, revising, editing and modifying most of the academic materials on sects and creeds), Riyadh, Dar Ashbilia for Publishing and Distributing, in printing.

3.      Jurisprudence (Fiqh) of Expatriates: Challenges of Time and Place, in printing.