Cultural and Media Activities

Participating in scores of academic, cultural and political seminars as speaker, participant, organizer or presenter over the last 30 years. These events include the International Book Fair, Supreme Council of Cultural, Syndicate of Journalists, some schools, Presidential Guard Club at the Presidency, some research centers inside and outside Egypt, Cairo University, and the Egyptian Cultural Office in Riyadh.


First: Articles in Arabic magazines and newspapers:


Elkhosht has written hundreds of articles for the biggest newspapers and magazines in the Middle East, such as:


  1. Al-Ahram
  2. Al-Watan
  3. Alfaisal (KSA)
  4. Al- Ma'rafah (KSA)
  5. Al-Diplomasy (KSA)
  6. London-based Al-Hayat
  7. Al-Wa'i Al-Islami (Kuwait)
  8. Al-Rafid (UAE)
  9. Al-Ahram Al-Misaee
  10. Alam Al-Kutub
  11. Kitab Al- Gomhouria
  12. Altasamuh (Oman)
  13. Aqidati (Egypt)


Here are some of the articles that have been published:

1.      Islam and the West: From Conflict to Dialogue, London-based Al-Hayat, 1993

2.      Arabic Civil Society and Political Legitimacy, Al-Ahram, Issue No. 43597, 18-4-2006.

3.      The Third Road in a Changeable World, Al-Ahram, Issue No. 41252, 24-11-1999.


Second: Talks and published press meetings and book reviews in Egyptian and Arabic magazines and newspapers, including:


1.      Aqidati

2.      Al-Ahram

3.      Almasri Alyoum

4.      Radio & Television

5.      Al-Anbaa (Kuwait)

6.      Osrati (Kuwait)

7.      Al-Ro’yah (Kuwait)

8.      Al-Itahad (UAE)

9.      Al-Bayan (UAE)

10.  Alsabah (Tunisia)    

11.  Al-Ahram Al-Misaee

12.  Rosalyousef

13.  Al-Sharq (Qatar)

14.  Al-Ghad (Jordon)

*TV Programs:

  1. Interviewed on TV programs: BBC World, Al-Horrah, Al-Jazerah, Al-Arabeyya, Iqraa, Al-Risalah, Ain, Dream, MBC, Qatari TV, A'mal, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Channel, Al-Barakah, Al-Tanweer, Al-Thaqafayyah, Egyptian radio and television channels
  2. Preparing or presenting various TV programs, including

-          Talat Shams (Sunrise) Program, Life Style Channel

-          Fiqh Al-Mughrybeen (Jurisprudence of Expatriates) Program

-          Fiqh AL-Nissa (Jurisprudence of Women) Program, Iqraa Channel

-          Fiqh AL-Nissa (Jurisprudence of Women) Program, Al-Zikr Station (Arab Radio and Television)

-          Al-Khilaf Warid (Differences Are Possible), Daleel Channel