-          Elkhosht has written 41 books: 24 authenticated books on Islamic heritage and 27 published refereed scientific papers. Some of his works have been widely translated into other languages (German, English and Indonesian). His first book came out in 1982.               

-          He was chosen Person of the Year 2014 in the Egyptian Embassy in the KSA.

-          Elkhosht has received 7 scientific prizes in human and social sciences and international publication, tens of certificates of appreciation and medals from international, regional and national universities and institutions and the Ideal Professor prize in 2010.

-          Some Arab and Egyptian university professors and foreign editors have written 4 books and tens of papers about his thought and scientific contributions in both Arabic and English.

-          Elkhosht was honored by Cairo University on Science Day in 2013 for his academic and administrative contributions in the university.

-          He is the Vice President for Students and Education Affairs in Cairo University.

-          He was Egypt’s Cultural Consultant and the head of the biggest educational mission abroad in the KSA (2013-2015).

-          Cairo University Cultural Consultant (2002-2013).

-          Director of Center for Foreign Languages and Professional Translation, Cairo University (2010-2013).

-          Elkhosht was in charge of the training and education activities at the Egyptian universities of the Ministry of Higher Education (2013).

-          He was a member of the Permanent Committee for choosing leadership jobs at Cairo University (2013).

-          He was Postgraduate Studies consultant at Cairo University and member of the Technical Office (2009-2013).

-          Elkhosht has founded and supervised the Cairo University Translation Project, created and chaired Hermes (a refereed scientific magazine dealing with humanities and social sciences). He has also co-founded Cairo University’s international magazine The International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IJHR).

-          Elkhosht has supervised more than 30 Master and PhD theses and refereed tens of Master and PhD theses, papers, and promotions of professors and assistant professors from Egypt and other parts of the Arab World.  

-          He has participated in more than 40 scientific and international conferences and organized and co-organized 5 conferences.