Transmission lines differential protection based on the energy conservation law

Abdel Aziz, M. M., A. F. Zobaa, D. K. Ibrahim, and M. M. Awad, "Transmission lines differential protection based on the energy conservation law", Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 78, issue 11: Elsevier, pp. 1865-1872, 2008.


This paper proposes a differential protection scheme for transmission lines using the energy conservation law. The real power signals at both ends (sending and receiving) of the line are compared with a prespecified value, if the resultant is more than this value, an internal fault is indicated in the transmission line zone. The proposed technique is evaluated using PSCAD/EMTDC program configurated to model the effect of faults on typical 500 kV transmission line. Extensive simulation studies show that this protection scheme has the ability to discriminate internal faults fast and accurately, and is more reliable than conventional biased differential protection scheme, and suitable for all types of lines. Details of the proposed relay design are given in the paper; also results of some performance studies are given.



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