A Single-End Fault Location for Multi-Tapped Overhead Distribution Systems

Mahmoud, M. A. E. F., D. K. Ibrahim, and M. Gilany, "A Single-End Fault Location for Multi-Tapped Overhead Distribution Systems", International Middle-East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON), Helwan University, Egypt,, December 27-29, 2016.

Date Presented:

December 27-29


This paper presents an automated fault location scheme for MV overhead distribution networks. The scheme utilizes only the measurements of voltage signals at the main substation. Clarke and Fast Fourier transformations are applied to get the frequency of the travelling wave generated during the
fault. A simple automation system is implemented to identify the faulted lateral. A typical 22 kV distribution system is used to test and validate the proposed scheme. ATP program is used to simulate the tested network while the required calculations are performed by MATLAB developed algorithms. Extensive fault cases are carried out at different fault positions, inception angles, fault resistance and load levels. The calculated errors indicate that the proposed scheme has low sensitivity to the change of the fault conditions that ensures the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed scheme.

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