An PMU double ended fault location scheme for aged power cables

Din, E. S. T. E., M. Gilany, M. M. Abdel Aziz, and D. K. Ibrahim, "An PMU double ended fault location scheme for aged power cables", Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2005. IEEE: IEEE, pp. 80-86, 2005.


This paper presents an adaptive fault location scheme for aged power cable using synchronized phasor
measurements from both end of the cable line. The proposed fault location scheme is derived using the two-terminal synchronized measurements incorporated with distributed line model, modal transformation theory and Discrete Fourier Transform. The proposed scheme has the ability to solve the problem of cable changing parameters especially the change of the relative permittivity over its age and thus for the operating positive, negative, and zero-sequence capacitance changes. Extensive simulation studies are carried out using Alternative Transients Program ATP/EMTP. The simulation studies show that the proposed scheme provides a high accuracy in fault location calculations under various system and fault conditions. The results show that the proposed method responds very well insensitive to fault type, fault resistance, fault inception angle and system configuration. The proposed scheme solves the problem of aged cables with change of its electric parameters. In addition to, it gives an accurate estimation of the fault resistance.



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