Improving Transmission Line Performance using Transient Based Adaptive SPAR

Gouda, O. E., D. K. Ibrahim, D. H. Helmi, D. M. Khalifa, and G. M. Amer, "Improving Transmission Line Performance using Transient Based Adaptive SPAR", 14th International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON’10), Cairo University, Egypt, 2010.


Adaptive SPAR offers many advantages over conventional techniques. In the case of transient faults, the arcing extinction time can be accurately determined and in the case of a permanent fault, breaker reclosure can be avoided. This paper describes, in some detail, the design of a new Adaptive SPAR technique that extracts high frequencies transients, from the CVT. The main case of study in this paper is the High Dam / Nagh Hamady, Nagh Hamady /Assuit 500 kV double circuit transmission system in the Egyptian network. Fault scenario cases representing different fault locations, inception angles, actual representation to secondary arc characteristics, and with/without shunt reactor existence were extracted from simulation work, and then verified through real field records in that system. The outcome of this study indicates that the proposed technique can be used as an effective means of achieving an adaptive single pole auto reclosure scheme.