Fault location scheme for combined overhead line with underground power cable

Din, E. S. T. E., M. M. Abdel Aziz, M. Gilany, and D. K. Ibrahim, "Fault location scheme for combined overhead line with underground power cable", Electric power systems research, vol. 76, issue 11: Elsevier, pp. 928-935, 2006.


This paper presents a fault location scheme for transmission systems consisting of an overhead line combined with an underground power cable. The algorithm requires phasor measurements data from one end of the transmission line and the synchronized measurements at the most far end of the power cable. Fault location is derived using distributed line model, modal transformation theory and Discrete Fourier Transform. The technique can be used on-line or off-line using the data stored in the digital fault recording apparatuses. The proposed scheme has the ability to locate the fault whether it is in the overhead line or in the underground power cable. In addition to, the proposed scheme gives an accurate estimation of the fault resistance at fault location. Extensive simulation studies carried out using MATLAB show that the proposed scheme provides a high accuracy in fault location under various fault conditions.



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