Evaluation of Protective Schemes for Grid-Connected Generator-Transformer Units in Egypt

Abd El-Rahman, A., D. K. Ibrahim, and G. Mahmoud, "Evaluation of Protective Schemes for Grid-Connected Generator-Transformer Units in Egypt", 17th International Middle East Power Systems Conference, MEPCON 2015; Mansoura University, Egypt, December, 15-17, 2015., 2015.


Synchronous generator in electric power plants –as well as the power transformer - is very important and expensive element so it should be provided with fully protection system to protect it against any abnormal conditions. Failure can occur in a generator or transformer due to different reasons. The protection system must prevent the protected equipment from being affected by external faults in addition to prevent evolving damage in case of internal faults. Repeated breaks of generation power stations in last few years are recorded. Because of their great impact on the Egyptian unity network (500 kV and 220 kV), it is essential to deeply review the efficiency of various existing protection schemes designed for generating stations. Detailed analyses of some of the major and destructive real faults recorded at some stations are carried out. Accordingly, modifications for the power plant protection schemes are recommended.