Comprehensive Fault Location Scheme for Power Transmission lines

Ibrahim, D. K., E. E. - D. A. El-Zahab, and A. Galal Ahmed, "Comprehensive Fault Location Scheme for Power Transmission lines", 16th International Middle East Power Systems Conference, MEPCON 2014, 2014.


A comprehensive two-terminal impedance based fault location scheme is presented in this paper which takes into account the distributed parameter line model. The scheme utilizes unsynchronized measurements of voltages and currents from the two ends of a line. The synchronization angle is calculated using symmetrical components transformation theory. The proposed scheme integrates several fault location algorithms. In one of them, Takagi method is used taking into account the effect of distributed capacitance when the communication link between sending end and receiving end fails.
Another algorithm is embedded in the proposed scheme to accurately locate ground and phase nonlinear high impedance faults using zero and negative sequence currents gathered from the two terminals within a maximum time of 2 cycles. The proposed fault-location scheme has been thoroughly tested using ATP versatile simulations of faults on transmission lines. The presented evaluation shows the validity of the developed fault-location scheme and its accepted accuracy.