Coumarins: Biological activity and SAR studies.

El-Ansary, S. L., D. E. Abdel-Rahman, and N. M. A. Eldydamony, "Coumarins: Biological activity and SAR studies.", Der Pharma Chemica,, vol. 8, issue 15, pp. 61-74, 2016.


Over the past decades, literature survey revealed that, many naturally occurring and synthetic coumarin derivatives have been discovered and biologically evaluated for a broad range and diverse biological activities. This review provides a systematic summary and insight of the whole range of medicinal chemistry in the current developments of coumarin compounds and some overview on photochemotharpy, linear (psoralen) and angular (angelicin) furocoumarins and structure-activity relationships are also discussed. The perspectives of the future development of coumarin based medicinal chemistry are also presented.