Pediatric kidney transplantation in Egypt: Results of 10-year single-center experience.

Pediatric kidney transplantation in Egypt: Results of 10-year single-center experience., Fadel, Fatina I., Bazaraa Hafez M., Badawy Hesham, Morsi Hany A., Saadi Gamal, Abdel Mawla Mohamed A., amr mohamed salem, Abd Alazem Eman Abobakr, Helmy Rasha, Fathallah Mohamed Gamal, et al. , Pediatric transplantation, Volume 24, Issue 6, p.e13724, (2020)


Pediatric kidney transplantation is a multidisciplinary therapy that needs special consideration and experience. In this study, we aimed to present CUCH experience; over a 10-year period, as a specialized center of kidney transplantation in children. We studied 148 transplantations performed at a single center from 2009 to 2018. Pretransplant and follow-up data were collected and graft/patient survival rates were evaluated. A total of 48 patients developed at least one rejection episode during 688 patient-years of follow-up. Infections, recurrence of original disease, and malignancy were the most important encountered medical complications (20%, 2%, and 1.4%, respectively). One-year patient survival was 94.1%, while graft and patient survival was 91.9%. Graft/patient survival at 5, 7, and 9 years was 90%, 77%, and 58%, respectively. Infections were the main cause (69%) of mortality. Death with a functioning graft and CR were the main causes of graft loss (48% and 33%, respectively). Pediatric kidney transplantation in Egypt is still a challenging yet successful experience. Rejections and infections are the most frequent complications. Short-term outcomes surpass long-term ones and graft survival rates are similar to the international standard.