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Sharif, A., S. Saha, N. Campbell, A. Sinha, and D. M. Ibrahiem, "Tourism, environment and energy: an analysis for China", Current issues in Tourism, vol. 23, issue 23, pp. 2930-2949, 2020.
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Ibrahiem, D. M., "Environmental Kuznets curve: an empirical analysis for carbon dioxide emissions in Egypt", International journal of Green Economics, vol. 10, issue 2, pp. 136-150, 2016. post-peer_reviewed_version.pdf
Ibrahiem, D. M., "Environmental Challenges, Externalities and Sustainable Policies in Transport Sector in Egypt", Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, vol. XI, issue 4(42), pp. 647-660, 2016.
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Ibrahiem, D. M., "Do technological innovations and financial development improve environmental quality in Egypt?", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 27, issue 10, pp. 10869-10881, 2020.