Diea Abo El-Hassan has been a professor of infectious diseases in, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University since 1987. He received his PhD in Animal infectious diseases at Cairo University,  Texas A & M  University  and Plum Island Institute, USA in 1986, and obtained both his B.V.Sc. and M.V.Sc. degrees at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University in 1979 and 1983 respectively. has served as an advisor to the Egyptian Interior Ministry for livestock, since 2002; Head of of Animal Internal Medicine,  Infectious diseases and  Clinical laboratory diagnosis in Qassim University Saudi Arabia since 2006, Director of Publications and Publishing Center College of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, since 2010. Currently, he also, works as consultant for dairy and beef farms and Rapporteur of  Commission for the standards of University books at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He worked in many international projects in cooperation with Germany, USA and Saudi Arabia as well as other national projects.

His research interests have focused on Camel infectious diseases, dairy & beef farm problems, Sheep & Goats infectious diseases and Equine infectious diseases. He gets several scientific awards and prizes such as Alexandria University award for animal diseases research, 1995; Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research Award in the field of livestock diseases, 1997; Saleh Kamel Center for Islamic Economy- El-Azhar University award, 2004 as well as "International Publications Award", Cairo University, 2013.

For more than thirty years,Prof. Dr. Diea Abo El-Hassan has published 35 scientific papers, participated in several conferences and  seminars/workshops. In the past twenty years, he participated in establishing and developing many of the diagnostic and research laboratories as well as educational veterinary hospitals at different universities, in Egypt and some Arabian countries as Libya, Tunisia and  Saudi Arabia.  Also, he was the author/co-author of 5 different books and many Guidance bulletins in English and Arabic language.

Prof. Dr. Diea Abo El-Hassan has Supervised and discussed several theses (Master and Ph.D.) in collaboration with Egyptian and Arabian Countries. Teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Elgabal Elgharby, Libya , (1992-1995) and Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia (2006-2010). He offered several short training courses in the area of Dairy and beef farm problems, Notifible animal Diseases in Egypt, Camel diseases in the Arab region, Recent epidemics of sheep & goats in Egypt, Vaccine and vaccine failure, Epidemiology as a tool for Diagnosis, Viral diseases of equines and Fatal diseases of pets.   

Contact Information:

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University (FVMCU)

Giza Square, Giza, Egypt.

Office: +202- 35722263, Fax: +202-35725240, Mobile: + 201001580486