Publications in the Year: 2022

Journal Article

Kamel NM, El-Tanbouly DM, Abdallah DM, Sayed HM.  2022.  PAR1, a therapeutic target for remote lung injury associated with hind limb ischemia/reperfusion: ERK5/KLF2-dependent lung capillary barrier preservation. Chemico-Biological Interactions. 354:109809.
Ashmawy AI, El-Abhar HS, Abdallah DM, Ali MA.  2022.  Chloroquine modulates the sulforaphane anti-obesity mechanisms in a high-fat diet model: Role of JAK-2/ STAT-3/ SOCS-3 pathway. Eur J Pharmacol . 927:175066.
Tawfiq RA, Nassar NN, Hammam OA, Allam RM, Elmazar MM, Abdallah DM, Attia YM.  2022.  Obeticholic acid orchestrates the crosstalk between ileal autophagy and tight junctions in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Role of TLR4/TGF-β1 axis. Chem Biol Interact . 361:109953.
Nasser S, Abdallah DM, Ahmed KA, Abdel-Mottaleb Y, El-Abhar HS.  2022.  The novel anti-colitic effect of β-adrenergic receptors via modulation of PS1/BACE-1/Aβ axis and NOTCH signaling in an ulcerative colitis model. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 13:1008085.
Abdel-Latif RT, Wadie W, Abdel-Mottaleb Y, Abdallah DM, El-Maraghy NN, El-Abhar HS.  2022.  Reposition of the anti-inflammatory drug diacerein in an in-vivo colorectal cancer model. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. 30:72–90.