Publications in the Year: 2022

Journal Article

Tawfiq RA, Nassar NN, Hammam OA, Allam RM, Elmazar MM, Abdallah DM, Attia YM.  2022.  Obeticholic acid orchestrates the crosstalk between ileal autophagy and tight junctions in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Role of TLR4/TGF-β1 axis. Chem Biol Interact . :109953.
Abdel-Latif RT, Wadie W, Abdel-Mottaleb Y, Abdallah DM, El-Maraghy NN, El-Abhar HS.  2022.  Reposition of the anti-inflammatory drug diacerein in an in-vivo colorectal cancer model. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. 30:72–90.
Kamel NM, El-Tanbouly DM, Abdallah DM, Sayed HM.  2022.  PAR1, a therapeutic target for remote lung injury associated with hind limb ischemia/reperfusion: ERK5/KLF2-dependent lung capillary barrier preservation. Chemico-Biological Interactions. 354:109809.
Ashmawy AI, El-Abhar HS, Abdallah DM, Ali MA.  2022.  Chloroquine modulates the sulforaphane anti-obesity mechanisms in a high-fat diet model: Role of JAK-2/ STAT-3/ SOCS-3 pathway. Eur J Pharmacol . 927:175066.