Publications in the Year: 2021

Journal Article

Zaky DA, Eldehna WM, Kerdawy AEM, Abdallah DM, Abhar HES, Wadie W.  2021.  Recombinant human growth hormone improves the immune status of rats with septic encephalopathy: The role of VEGFR2 in the prevalence of endoplasmic reticulum stress repair module. International Immunopharmacology. 101(Part B):108370.
El-Emam MA, Achy SE, Abdallah DM, El-Abhar HS, Gowayed MA.  2021.  Neuroprotective role of galantamine with/without physical exercise in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in rats. Life Sci. . 277:119459.
Saleh RA, Eissa TF, Abdallah DM, Saad MA, El-Abhar HS.  2021.  Peganum harmala enhanced GLP-1 and restored insulin signaling to alleviate AlCl 3-induced Alzheimer-like pathology model. Sci Rep .. 11(1):12040.
Tawfiq RA, Attia YM, Nassar NN, Hammam OA, Elmazar MM, Abdallah DM.  2021.  INSIGHTS INTO THE IMPACT OF FXR ACTIVATION ON HEPATIC AUTOPHAGY IN A NON-ALCOHOLIC STEATOHEPATITIS MODEL. Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences Assiut University. 44,(1):265-274
El-Sadek HM, Al-Shorbagy MY, Awny MM, Abdallah DM, El-Abhar HS.  2021.  Pentoxifylline treatment alleviates kidney ischemia/reperfusion injury: Novel involvement of galectin-3 and ASK-1/JNK & ERK1/2/NF-κB/HMGB-1 trajectories. Journal of Pharmacological Sciences . 146:136-148.
Gomaa AA, El-Abhar HS, Abdallah DM, Awad AS, Soubh AA.  2021.  Prasugrel anti-ischemic effect in rats: Modulation of hippocampal SUMO2/3-IкBα/Ubc9 and SIRT-1/miR-22 trajectories. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. . (426):115635.
El-Mokadem BM, El-Abhar HS, Abdallah DM, Awad AS, Soubh AA.  2021.  Epac-1/Rap-1 signaling pathway orchestrates the reno-therapeutic effect of ticagrelor against renal ischemia/reperfusion model. Biomed Pharmacother.. 139111488
Yehia R, Schaalan M, Abdallah DM, Saad AS, Sarhan N, Saleh S.  2021.  Impact of TNF-α Gene Polymorphisms on Pancreatic and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer-Induced Cachexia in Adult Egyptian Patients: A Focus on Pathogenic Trajectories. Frontiers in Oncology. 11:783231.