Publications in the Year: 2019

Journal Article

El-Hiny MA, Abdallah DM, Abdel-Salam OME, Salem NA, El-Khyat ZA, Kenawy SA.  2019.  Co-administration of nicotine ameliorates cannabis-induced behavioral deficits in normal rats: role of oxidative stress and inflammation. Comparative Clinical Pathology. 28:1229–1236.
El-Lekawy AM, Abdallah DM, El-Abhar HS.  2019.  Alanyl-glutamine Heals Indomethacin-induced Gastric Ulceration in Rats Via Antisecretory and Anti-apoptotic Mechanisms.. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. . 69(6):710-718.
Attia RT, Abdel-Mottaleb Y, Abdallah DM, El-Abhar HS, El-Maraghy NN.  2019.  Raspberry ketone and Garcinia Cambogia rebalanced disrupted insulin resistance and leptin signaling in rats fed high fat fructose diet.. Biomed Pharmacother. . 110:500-509.
Bazzari FH, Abdallah DM, El-Abhar HS.  2019.  Pharmacological Interventions to Attenuate Alzheimer's Disease Progression: The Story So Far.. Curr Alzheimer Res. . 16(3):261-277.