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Dakrory, A. I., S. R. Fahmy, A. M. Soliman, A. S. Mohamed, and S. A. M. Amer, "Protective and Curative Effects of the Sea Cucumber Holothuria atra Extract against DMBA-Induced Hepatorenal Diseases in Rats", BioMed Research International, vol. 2015, pp. ID 563652, 11 pages, 2015.
DAKRORY, A. I., A. M. Abu-Taira, S. A. L. A. H. E. Y. EL-DIN, and Y. B. Mohamed, "Prenatal development of the sound transmitting apparatus in different embryonic stages of Malpolon monsspesulanus (squamata‑serpentes)", Brazilian Journal of Biology, vol. 78, issue 4, pp. 755-762, 2018.