Mahmoud Mohamed Bayoumi- is currently a Newton-Mosharafa (MN-EMHE) Funded Ph.D. student. I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. I gained my master’s degree in the Virology Department in the same faculty under the honorable supervision of Prof. Ausama Yousif and Professor Haitham Amer. In my master's, I gained a good experience with lots of viruses including the influenza virus and different expression systems and a range of additional methods in molecular biology. Then, in 2019, I joined the Munir group to start my Ph.D. project on viral epitranscriptomics. In this new field, we try to underpin the effect of one of the most important posttranscriptional modifications (the m6A) on influenza virus replication. Through this project, I am trying to get more experience with the most up-to-date techniques that are used for epitranscriptomics and molecular virology. Through this field, we could curb some viruses non only genetically, but also epigenetically.