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PH. D. Housing & Planning, Edinburgh University, 1967.
M. A. Architecture, Liverpool University, 1963.
B. A. Architecture, Cairo University, 1960.


2008-2013 Member of the Higher council of Development and Physical Planning

2004- 2009 Director Urban studies and Research centre -Faculty of regional
urban planning . Cairo University.

1994 -2001 Dean of the Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning, Cairo University. (FRUP)

1992 - 1994 Head of Department of Urban Planning.(FRUP)

1990 - Professor of Urban Planning-Faculty of regional and Urban planning

1979 – 1990 Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning of Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo university.

1968 – 1979 Lecturer – Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Cairo university.



2003- 2010 Member of the Council of Building, Housing, and Planning, The Egyptian Academy of Science
Head of the housing committee- The Egyptian Academy of science.

1984 - 1988 Planning Advisor to the Governor of North Sinai.

1991 -2001 In House Consultant to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs "During that period a major construction program have been implemented (New embassies in Washington, London, Riyadh,) or under construction (Berlin, Cyprus, Syria) ....."

1972 -2008 Member of the Supreme Council of Culture ( Architecture Committee)

1993 - 1994 Planning Advisor to H.E. the Minister of Tourism.

1994 -1998 ... Member of the Higher Advisory Committee – The Ministry of Housing and New Communities.

1995 - 1998 Member of the Higher Advisory Committee for Physical Planning, Cairo Governorate.

1995 - 1998 Member of the Committee of the Mapping City & Villages boundaries. (G.O.P.P).

1994 - 1996 Member of Board of Directors "The Reconstruction & Public Housing Company" (Public Business Sector).

1997 - 1998 Member of Board of Directors "Ismailia for Tourism Development Co."

1995 - ... Chairman of the Board of "The Urban Studies & Research Center" – Cairo University.

1995 - ...

2002- Member of several national committees in the Ministry of Housing and New Communities including that of exemptions from planning and building laws – 1992 – 1996) Higher Exemption Committee – 1999) ... etc.
Member of the National specialised Councils



Participating in many research projects, most imported of which are:
a. "Development, Industrialization & Standardization of Urban Housing", Egyptian Academy of Science. 1978 – 1980.
b. The housing and Construction industry in Egypt" – A joint research, Cairo University /MIT USA 1977 – 1980 D.R.T.P.
c. "Secondary Cities in Egypt"
d. Development & Employment
e. Egyptian / American University Link Program, 1984 – 1986
f. "Nile Tourism Development in Lake Naser" for T.D.A. 1996 – 1999
g. Member of the steering committee of "Egyptian red Sea Coastal and Marine Resource Management Project" Funded by GEF / World Bank 1996 – 1998.


Dr. Barrada has published two books and large number of research papers, and has arranged headed or co-ordinated and evaluated research papers in a number of local and international conferences, and seminars. He has also headed technical committees for a number of international conferences. He has supervised and awarded 14 Ph. D and 38 Masters degrees in the area of planning


a. A Jury member in over 40 local architecture and planning competitions for various authorities (Ministry of Housing and New Communities "8" – Ministry of Culture "4" – G.O.P.P "2" – Ministry of Foreign Affairs"4").
b. Awarded first prize in a large number of competitions. The earliest (1972). industrial city of the Aluminum Complex – Naga Hammadi – Upper Egypt. (A thriving City of 20.000 INH. In 1996). The last was (1999) the International Competition for the Touristic Development of a500 acres in Sidi Abdel Rahman – North – West Coast – Egypt.


Participation in Evaluation of International Planning offers –
* Comprehensive Development Project for City of Luxor 1997,
* El Tor – Ras Mohamed, Sector 1996.
* Evaluation of UNDP fundkd project (egy197/008)
* The stragic plan for the development of human settlements in the New Vally.


a. Dr. Barrada in private practice since 1968 in the area architecture and physical planning.
b. He is also a co-founder of Egyteam (A very active planning firm during 1979 – 1988)

VI. MAJOR PLANNING EXPERIENCE (Senior Planner and project manager.

a. Thegyptian national stratigic plan for Urban Development (2013)
b. The structural plan of Greater Cairo 2014
c. The strategic development Plan for The Northern Upper Egypt Region (GOPP) 2002-2004)
d. The Planning of the Northern Coastal strip of Egypt (Damietta-Roseta) GOPP 2000-2002.
e. Planning the new city of Toshka – Upper Egypt. G.O.P.P.
f. Development strategy for new Heliopolis City, 1997.
g. Planning and design of El Yasmin Green Land, 6th of Oct. City 1996.
h. Planning and design of Mena Garden City, 6th of Oct. City 1995.
i. The planning of Marsa Matrouh, 1993.
j. Replanning of City of Damanhour, 1990 G.O.P.P.
k. Replanning of City of Kafr El Dawwar, 1987. G.O.P.P.
l. Replanning of Cities of Sohag and Akhmeem 1986 for the General Organizations of Physical Planning.
m. Badr New City, 1983 - 1986.
n. El Amal New City, 1980
o. The Structural Plan for the North West Coast, Egypt 1978, Consultant PUD/ORPLAN, for M.O.H.R. (Ministry Of Housing and Reconstruction).
p. The Planning of the New America City, Egypt 1979 Consultant Pacer/ILaco for M.O.H.R.
q. Replanning of the City of Suez, Egypt 1976, Consultant Sir, Robert Mathew Johnson Marchal for the M.O.H.R.


During the period 1968 – 1997 the office or Dr. Barrada has designed and supervised the construction of over 200 major projects in Egypt and in other Arab countries. These covered many building types including housing compounds, touristic, recreational and hotel buildings, industrial, administrative, educational, and public buildings.