Dr.Barrada graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Department in 1960. He ranked the first among his colleagues. Following his graduation, he completed his postgraduate studies at the United Kingdom, where he obtain his M.Sc degree from Liverpool University in 1962 and his Ph.D from Edinburgh University in 1967.

On returning back to Egypt he joined the Architectural Department as a staff member, where his real journey began. Dr. Barrada was among the pioneers who introduced and taught the 'Scientific Approach to Design, Planning and Housing' in Egyptian universities. In 1981, he was promoted as a Professor of Housing and Planning. In 1990, he became a staff member at the Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning Cairo University. Shortly there after, he was appointed the dean of the Faculty from 1994 - 2000. Completing more than 55 years of academic and professional practice, Dr.Barrada has held, and is holding, a number of highly honored positions in various organizations; private and governmental. Such positions include: Councilor to the Ministry of Housing, Councilor to the Ministry of Tourism, Head of the Architectural Council for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Member of the High Supreme Council for Planning inEgypt.

Dr.Barrada has managed to rewrite the history and future of planning inEgypt. He was a major participant in the planning process of many new cities regional plans and the national urban strategy. He has published two books and over 40 research papers. He supervised 16 Ph.D and over 35 Master Degrees and was honored on a number of occasions by governmental and private organizations. Professionally and academically when it comes to speaking about planning or housing in Egypt, it is normal to mention Dr.Barrada as the pyramid of planning in Egypt.