Bahaa El-Din Moustafa Abd El- moaty Zayed   

 born in Cairo 2/11/1972


Has two daughters, the youngest is 14 months old


1 st Abd El- Hamid Badwai  street,

Helipolis, 11351,

Cairo- Egypt

Phone:00225626103 ,00201065677573




Kasr-El-Aini School of Medicine,Cairo University,Egypt, December 1995, signed up “Excellent” with honors.



Masters in Internal Medicine, May 2000, signed up very good.

Medical doctorate in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, November 2006




Associate professor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Kasr –El-Aini Hospital, and in King Fahd Nephro-urology unit, Cairo University .Consultant of Internal Medicine and Nephrology in new kasr- El-Aini hospital, Nile Badrawi hospital , El- Amal hospital , T.V building.          .




House Officer,Kasr- El-AiniHospital,CairoUniversity: March 1996- March 1997.


Resident of Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Kasr-El-AiniHospital,CairoUniversity: March 1997- April 2000.


Resident in Nephrology, King Fahd Nephro-urology Unit,CairoUniversity: May 1999- Sept 1999, and January 2000- MAY 2000


Assistant lecturer of Internal Medicine and Nephrology Kasr-El-Aini  Hospital, and in King Fahd Nephro-urology unit, Cairo University: September 2000-2006-


Lecturer of internal medicine and nephrology,

Kasr El-Aini school of medicine.

Cairo University

From May 2007 to October 2012


Attended transplantation operations and shared in preparation and follow up of kidney transplant patients from October 2000 to date .


Interested in the issue of Hemodialysis, anemia, MBD, VC, in CKD patients. The relation between the malnutrition and atherosclerosis , the metabolic syndrome with CKD. Had supervision of more than 1000 patients all through my 18 years

Doing more than 200 renal biopsies 


Reviewer in journal of advanced research, and in journal of renal failure




Winner of the ESN yearly young investigator reward as the best research in the transplantation and immunology field in Egypt in 2003


Winner of the travel grant at ERA- EDTA in Paris 2012


1-Masters Thesis (Published): Chronic infection of Cytomegalovirus as a risk factor for Ischemic Heart Disease


2-Doctorate Thesis (published): (Assessment of lymphocyte sensitivity to immunosuppressive drugs)


Had been discussed in January 2005, and was published in the AFRAN           (Journal of the African Society Of Nephrology)


3-Correlation between Karnofsky Performance Status Scale and Short-Form Health Survey in patients on maintenance hemodialysis.(published)      

Arogundade FA, Zayed B, Daba M, Barsoum R.

J Natl Med Assoc. 2004 Dec;96(12):1661-7.

4- Short term outcome of coronary artery bypass in patients receiving hemodialysis compared to patients without renal failure

Bahaa zayed, Amin roshdy, HodaAbd El-hamid, and El-Sayed Akl

Published in the AJNT 2010 May;3(2)


5-Assessment of eGFR in type 2 diabetic patients by measurement of serum creatinine and serum cystatin C in comparison to renal isotopes using Tc99mDTPA


Published in the AFRAN (African Journal Of Nephrology) December, 2010 and accepted as an abstract in WCN in Vancouver, Canada. April 2011


6-PREVALENCE OF HCVAb AND HBsAg IN INCIDENT HEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS IN SUBURBAN AREAS OF CAIRO. EGYPT .(Accepted for publication in Journal of US-ChinaMedical Science,Volume 8, Number 9, September 2011 (Serial Number 82) David Publishing Company.)

Accepted as an abstract in the WCN in Vancouver, as well as in the 8th conference on kidney disease in disadvantaged populations disparities in renal disease in Victoria BC, Canada.  April 2011


7-Cyclosporine and MycophenolateMofetil 48 hours before renal transplantation enables the use of low cyclosporine doses and achieves better graft function.

Maamoun H, Soliman A, Zayed B.

Transplant Proc. 2010 Dec;42(10):4033-6.PMID: 21168619 [PubMed - in process]


8-Association Between Non Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease and Early Carotid Atherosclerosis( published in cairo university medical journal march 2012 )

Bahaa Zayed.MD, Emad EL-Moatism.MD. and Sherif Sarie Eldeen.MD


9-Ventricular Function in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Starting Dialysis Therapy. A Tissue Doppler Imaging Study" accepted as abstract in the 49th EDTA in Paris, as well as accepted in Echocardiogrpahy journal published by Blackwell

Karim Said1, MD, Bahaa El-Din Zayed2.MD, Mohamed Hassan1, MSc, Khaled Sorour1, MD

Cardiovascular Department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University.2Internal Medicine and Nephrology department, Cairo University

10- Prevalence of valvular calcification among HDX patients a multicentre trial accepted as abstract in ISN Nexius Symposia in Copenhagen Sept 2012. Published in life science journal. 2014;11(10)


11-Association of E-Selectin Gene Polymorphism and Serum PAPP-A with Carotid Atherosclerosis in End-Stage Renal Disease.

Issac MS, Afif A, Gohar NA, Fayek NA, Zayed B, Sedrak H, Salah El Din LA.

Mol Diagn Ther. 2013 Oct 23. [Epub ahead of print]Department of Clinical and Chemical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, El Saray St., El Manial, Cairo, 11956, Egypt,


12-Effect of  low dose SevlamerHcl versus calcium carbonate on FGF23 level and Coronay Artery Calcification in Egyptian Renal Hemodialysis Patients.

Bahaa EldinZayeda, Hussein El-Fishawya, SamihAbdAllaha, Amal R. Al-Shihabyb, Mohamed A. Salemc, Usama A.A. Sharaf El Dina, Hatem Alia

aDepartment of Nephrology, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, and bDepartment of Medical Biochemistry, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt; cDepartment of Radiology, Kasr El-Aini School of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Accepted as abstract in the ISN NEXIUM symposium in Bergamo Italy, as well as in the WCN in Cape town 2015 , in press (world journal of nephrology)


12-The effect of CYP3A5 polymorphism on cyclosporine plasma level in Egyptian renal transplant recipients



13-Two years comparative study of the pattern of acute kidney injury in 2023 Egyptian patients presented for haemodialysis in Kasr- ElAini school of medicine. Single Centre study.


Khaled M. Sadek MD1, Bahaa M. Zayed MD1 ,Manal M. Eldeeb MD1  , Dinna H. Ahmed MD2 , and Dawlat M. Belal MD1  .

1-Department of Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Kasr ElAini  school of medicine.

2-Department of Clinical Pathology. Kasr ElAini school of medicine.

Accepted as an abstract in WCN 2015


14- Assessment of hepatic fibrosis in Egyptian hemodialysis patients with HCV genotype 4

Accepted as an abstract in WCN 2015 as well as in the ERA-EDTA 2015 in London


Supervision over 14 master degree thesis, and 10medical doctorate


Giving lectures for undergraduate and post graduate medical students


I also participated in many clinical trials as Principal investigator, or co investigator with Roch. Lillie, Pfizer,Novartis, Bayer ,Novonordisk, Sanofi. Companies. Co chair in the regional nephrology meeting


Attending evidence base medicine course in Oxford University. Oxford UK September 2012.


Scientific Societies:

Member of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology 1999 to date.

Member of the Egyptian Society of Hypertension 2000 to date

Member of the Egyptian Society of Internal medicine 2001 to date

Member of International Society of Nephrology (ISN) 2003 to date

Member of the European Society of Dialysis and Transplantation (EDTA) 2007 to date.

   Member of the American sosciety of Nephrology

since 2013 ASN



Annual meeting of the ESN:  Annually since 1997

Annual meeting of the Egyptian Society of Hypertension: Yearly since 1999.

 Pan Arab  conference on Diabetes  2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,2012, 2014

The Egyptian society of cardiology, since 2010

The 35th, the 36th,the 41st, 42nd, 43rd,44th,45th,46th,47th meetings of the ASN, 2002, 2003,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014

ADA in Dubai 2012

AST in conjunction with the WTC meeting in Boston July 2006

WCN in Vancouver Canada 2011,WCN 2015in Cape town

EDTA in 2010, 2012,2013, 2014.2015

EASD 2014, in Viena



Professor Rashad Barsoum, former Secretary General, ISN

3,Hussein El-Memar Street,

Antique Khana,Cairo11513,Egypt


Professor MagdySoliman, Past President, ESN

75 syria street, El MohandicineGiza.Egypt


Professor Maher Fouad  Ramzy,  Past President AFRAN, ISN counsil

55 Abd El-MonaiemRiyad street, Dokki.Giza.Egypt


Professor Omar yehia El-Khashab, Past President, ESN


Professor UsamaAbd El- Azim,

58 Abas El-Akkad street, Nasr city, Cairo