Mild Intellectual Disability - Auditory Processing- social stories.

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Ayman, Salim, A. H., "The effectiveness of a program based on social stories in developing auditory processing among children with mild intellectual disability", مجلة كلية التربية جامعة بنها, vol. 32, issue 128, pp. 433-484, 2021. Abstract

Previous research indicates that there is a lack of Auditory processing skills in children with Intellectual Disability, and the research aims to verify the effectiveness of a programme based on social stories in developing Auditory processing in children with mild Intellectual Disability. The sample consisted of 10 children at the Kids Rehabilitation Centre, in age from (8 -10) years old, the level of IQ (70-55) on Stanford Binet scale, divided into two equivalent groups of experimental and control. The tools of the study consisted of the Stanford Binet Scale-version 5, the Adaptive Behavior Scale, the Auditory Processing Scale for Children with Intellectual Disability, and a programme based on social stories. The results indicated statistically significant differences at the level (0.01) Between the means rank of the experimental group in the pre and posttest for Auditory processing in favour posttest, and statistically significant differences at the level (0.01) between the means rank of two groups at posttest in favour of experimental group, its reflecting the effectiveness of the programme in improving Auditory Processing in children with Intellectual Disability.