Keywords: Socio-Economic-Cultural Level

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Ayman, Salim, A. H., "Socio-Economic- Cultural Level Assessment Scale Of The Egyptian Family", مجلة كلية التربية، جامعة بنها, vol. 29, issue 116, pp. 150-186, 2018. Abstract

The current research aimed to review and update the socio-economic- cultural level scale of the Egyptian family in light of the current changes. the descriptive approach was used. the study sample (701) family varied between the urban governorates (rural and city) in upper Egypt (Luxor - Sohag - Assiut - Minia - Beni Suef) and the lower Egypt (Cairo - Qalubia - Dakahlia - Kafr El Sheikh - Sharqia - Port Said). the results identified the most important variables in determining the socio-economic -cultural level of the Egyptian family, namely educational qualifications, occupational / vocational position, living income of both parents and their life style. the search also found a predictive equation that suits the current socio-economic and cultural level of the Egyptian family, also showed that the distribution of the current research sample does not follow the average distribution on the socio-economic cultural level of the Egyptian family (research sample).