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El-Bagoury, G. F., D. A. A. M. El-Moaty, S. A. R. El-Zeedy, E. M. El-Nahas, and A. A. Youssif, "Molecular identification of RHDV Egyptian Stains based on the highly variable region of the VP60 gene", Benha Veterinary Medical Journal, pp. 84-100, 2014. rhdv_yousif_2014.pdf
El-Ghani, A. A. A. M., B. M. Ahmed, A. A. AbdelRaouf, N. S. Ata, and H. A. Hussein, "Salvadora persica as natural anti-viral agent", Egypt J Virol , vol. 10, pp. 78-88, 2013.
El-Sheikh, H. A., A. M. Mohamed, and A. A. Yousif, "Lumpy skin disease in Sharkia and Dakahlia Governorates during the period 2009-2011. ", Zag. Vet. J., vol. 42, issue 3, pp. 181-188 , 2014.
Eltom, K. H., A. C. Althoff, S. Hansen, S. Böhlken-Fascher, A. Yousif, H. A. El-Sheikh, A. A. ElWakeel, M. A. Elgamal, H. M. Mossa, E. A. Aboul-Soud, et al., "Differentiation of Capripox Viruses by Nanopore Sequencing", Vaccines, vol. 9, issue 4, 2021.