VIR 007 - Special topics in virology.


Dear future colleagues,

The semester is coming to an end. You may feel that time is running out, but it is not.

I have uploaded my lecture on safety principles in the biomedical and biological laboratories. I will be happy to help you by offering this lecture online on Friday the 12th of May at 4 PM.

I am also offering you the opportunity to see and experience the department's BSL 3 chicken isolators that we got as a gift from HVRI and KIS of China as part of our collaboration agreement. They are sterile now and pose no risk to you or the environment. This is a rare opportunity. I will be available in my office to give you the tour on Thursday May 17, 2023 after 11:30 AM.

You can use my university email to send any questions. It usually takes me 2 work days to respond.

Best of luck. Stay safe.


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