General Virology (VIR 4175) Syllabus and Guidelines


Dear Colleagues,

This syllabus is meant for students that have opted to retake the course. It is similar to the one offered in the Fall semester. The dates are not specified because you have attended lectures before. Our communications are based on your needs and available time. I have decided to take that approach to reduce the stress that you are feeling due to COVID-19. After communicating with VMCU administration, the department head and I have agreed to the following:

  1. You can coordinate between yourselves (there are now only 4 students registered in this class) to schedule online meetings. I will try my best to accommodate you, even if you wish to have meetings in the evening after you have finished your daily work activities.
  2. The set of questions that we have prepared in the Fall semester after each lecture as a group is relevant to this class and will also be used to prepare 90% of the exam questions. Likewise, the official class reference remains "Veterinary Virology".
  3. The exam format is the same as before; one true and false question set, one MCQ question set, and one short essay question set.
  4. The time allocated for the exam will be 90 minutes (1.5 hours) only. This is 25% shorter than the regular exam duration. Therefore, the number of questions will be smaller.
  5. The review report you are required to prepare will be done as a group activity. All of you will be required to participate according to an arrangement that ensures everyone’s fair share of participation.
  6. All of you will be required to understand everything in the review.
  7. The laboratory exam will be replaced by a section within the review discussing the details of the technology you have read about during preparation of your review.
  8. The perfect report will earn you 40% of the total grade for this class. Please, contact me in case you need assistance. We want to make sure that you get the best possible grade for the assignment. You can also check my website to read tips about improving your review (a link is provided).
  9. Until otherwise indicated by the University administration, there will be a final oral exam that can earn you up to 10% of the final class points. All social distancing and infection control measures will be implemented. The exam will be in the student laboratory after the written final exam.


Good luck. Stay safe.

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