Go save the world

Dear future colleagues,

You have finished your assignments and your work is now being evaluated according to department guidelines. Does that mean your work is over? The answer is: “NO”.

While it is good to have a break after the stress of deadlines, it is important to remember that we are living through some unconventional circumstances. The world is trying to cope with a pandemic. You are living through a pandemic. Please, take this opportunity to think about ways to help humanity. Even the smallest idea can help those who are in need the most. Do not think it is too late to help, the WHO warns that the number of confirmed cases is still on the rise. The world still needs you input. Your ideas will help now and in the future; it is inevitable that we will see more pandemics in the future.

As you try to help others, you will find that you are helping yourself. The knowledge and understanding that you develop today will help you shape your career. It will also give you a sense of purpose. Helping others is more rewarding than you can ever imagine.

Our communities support us because they believe we can bring them solutions. They are right. We are scientists. This is who we are.

Stay safe, but never be afraid to try new ideas and concept. Go save the world.