Explanation regarding the assignments VIR 4175 (Diploma of Microbiology)

Dear Colleagues,
I am glad to receive input from you regarding your assignments. However, I have noticed that some of you are having some difficulties. Please, let me help you.
1. Try to schedule online office hours as much as you can. The ideal setting is that we have groups of 5 or more. But I am willing to schedule a meeting for groups of 3-5.
2. The take-home questions that I give you each lecture are meant to help you focus your studies when you are reading form the suggested textbook. You are not required to send me answers to them. You will, however, find that it in your advantage to have answered them before the final exams (written and oral).
3. You need to have prepared a title for your review by now. If not, ask yourself why? Writing a unique and informative title is the most difficult part of the assignment. To succeed in this mission, you will need to spend some time thinking about an issue related to viruses that is important to you. It can be veterinary or zoonotic. Topics related to purely human pathogens are not acceptable. After that, you will need to read a lot. Focus your reading on the molecular aspects that influence epidemiology and/or zoonosis of a particular pathogen.
4. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with your colleagues. Although this assignment is required form each individual, you are free to discuss approaches and ideas with your group. Just make sure you do not have identical topics handed in. There are so many aspects to each topic. You will find it easy to find unique topics to write on even if several of you decide to write on the same viral pathogen.
Stay safe and keep everyone safe.