Department Conference

Dear All,

On behalf of all the members of the Department of Virology, I would like to invite you to attend, and to participate actively in this semester's department conference. Attendants will receive certificates. Active participants will receive special awards and certificates. The top 10 virology students will be honored. The top of his class will receive a special gift from the Egyptian Society of Virology. The gift is a free invitation to participate in the 6th international conference of the ESV. It includes free travel and full board accommodation in a 5 star resort in Hurghada.

The conference title is:

Student Needs and Participation Drive Virology Department

Excellence and Accreditation

The conference will be organized by third-year undergraduate students; we will be helping. Our students have done so many wonderful things this year. Please, attend and give us an opportunity to show you how they are helping the department in its quest to get international accreditation for its activities.

We hope to see you all this summer.

Ausama A Yousif