Criteria of review assignment evaluation

Dear colleauges,

We talked about this during class and office hours. However, I wanted you to have a clear view of how your assignments will be evaluated. I suggest that you use the information below to evaluate your own work. It is important that you learn to evaluate your own work as a scientist. Best of luck.

A. Title: [4 points]

Relevance to the topic




In case the topic is not relevant points awarded= Zero.


B. Introduction: [2 points]

General properties of the family and genus


Gene functions


0.5 point is awarded to each topic


C. Primary topic of the review [3 points]

Focus on the topic and diversity of aspects

Proper use of references (quotation and citing style)


Read below for information regarding the consequence of plagiarism.


D. References [1 point]

A true list of references

Properly written

If references were plagiarized points awarded= Zero.


Note 1: In case of plagiarism and/or copy and paste from references

Maximum points awarded cannot exceed 5 points (50% of total possible points awarded). This strategy is designed to discourage plagiarism and to encourage proper use of writing technique.


Note 2: In case of failure to adhere to the proper format of the assignment described in the Course Policy and Welcome notes document

Maximum points awarded cannot exceed 8 points (80% of total possible points awarded). This strategy is designed to give a chanced to those who have put effort in getting the substance right even if they have limited access to computers. This does not negate the reliance on the basic aspects of evaluation described above.