Continuing to study your courses while at home

Dear students and future colleagues,

Humanity is under the direct pressure of a new pandemic, COVID-19. It is caused by SARS-CoV-2 a new member of Coronaviridae. COVID-19 makes it clear how a single pathogen that jumps from an animal to man can wreak havoc on the global public health and economy. It also shows how important it is to work within the One Health Concept.

As we work to help break the crest of the current pandemic, we will all be asked tough questions and required to make tough decisions. The only way we can face this situation is by knowledge. This year I am honored to be the coordinator for the Advanced General Virology and the Viral Vaccinology courses; two courses that are clearly relevant to the welfare of humanity. I will make every effort to help you understand the fundamentals of the two disciplines in a manner that can help you contribute to the global effort of fighting, not only COVID-19, but also, the epidemics or pandemics that are most certainly in the future of this planet we live on.

You will be provided educational materials and guidelines to help you study at home; an essential act to prevent endangering our lives and the lives of others at this stage. Please, continue to follow my University Scholar website to get updates and educational material. Do not hesitate to contact me anytime via my university mail. Next week I will be sending you instructions on how to video conference for an hour or so to discuss the important concept in both disciplines.

PDF lectures are available to our VIR 304, VIR 355, and PHA 251 undergraduate students. These should be considered study guidelines. I encourage all students to read from the recommended textbook “Fenner's Veterinary Virology - 4th Edition. N. James Maclachlan and Edward J. Dubov. Academic Press 2011. ISBN: 9780123751584”. You can read the chapter you need based on the recommendations of your instructors; almost all PhD holders in the department of virology of VMCU participate in teaching these courses. I recommend using the index at the back to find the different aspects of the key concepts you are required to understand.

Enjoy the power of knowledge. Stay safe.

Professor Ausama A. A. Yousif,
Professor of Virology.