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Humanity is under the direct pressure of a new pandemic, COVID-19. It is caused by SARS-CoV-2 a new member of Coronaviridae. COVID-19 makes it clear how a single pathogen that jumps from an animal to man can wreak havoc on the global public health and economy. It also shows how important it is to work within the One Health Concept.

Non-primate Hepaciviruses in Egyptian Equids

Equine hepacivirus (EqHV) is one of the non-primate hepaciviruses recently discovered in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It is a hepatotropic member of the genus hepacivirus of Flaviviridae. They are close relatives of hepatitis C virus. Information on EqHV epidemiology, pathogenesis and genetic diversity is limited. Information regarding prevalence and distribution of NPHV in Egyptian equids does not exist.

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