General Virology PHA 251


This material is intended for registered students only.

Refaei, O. H., A. A. Yousif, Y. M. Hegazy, S. M. Soliman, S. S.A.H, and A. A. Fayed, "Epidemiological investigation of foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in a vaccinated Egyptian dairy herd with analysis of associated risk factors", Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research, 2020.

Update 1 on graduate exams

Dear future colleagues,

The university administration has decided to have you take a practical exam at the end of the semester. The format will be simple. You will be handed an exam sheet at the end of your written exam. To my knowledge, this will also be the format of the oral exam to reduce the chances of virus transmission. Please, check out the instructions document attached to this announcement for more details.

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General Virology (VIR 4175) Syllabus and Guidelines


Dear Colleagues,

This syllabus is meant for students that have opted to retake the course. It is similar to the one offered in the Fall semester. The dates are not specified because you have attended lectures before. Our communications are based on your needs and available time. I have decided to take that approach to reduce the stress that you are feeling due to COVID-19. After communicating with VMCU administration, the department head and I have agreed to the following:

Non-primate Hepaciviruses in Egyptian Equids

Equine hepacivirus (EqHV) is one of the non-primate hepaciviruses recently discovered in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It is a hepatotropic member of the genus hepacivirus of Flaviviridae. They are close relatives of hepatitis C virus. Information on EqHV epidemiology, pathogenesis and genetic diversity is limited. Information regarding prevalence and distribution of NPHV in Egyptian equids does not exist.

Go save the world

Dear future colleagues,

You have finished your assignments and your work is now being evaluated according to department guidelines. Does that mean your work is over? The answer is: “NO”.

Deadline (undergraduate student assignments)

Dear future colleagues,

Your assignments are due June 15, 2020. I will continue to receive assignment until midnight. Try to email your final assignment earlier to avoid missing the deadline due to an unexpected event. Early birds will also have a chance to reiterate their work based on feedback from their peers; if that is a thing that you do between groups.

Best of luck. Stay safe.

Taha, E., M. Shawky, B. Ahmed, M. Moustafa, A. Yousif, and M. abd elaziz, "Emergence of viral nervous necrosis is associated with mass mortality in hatchery-reared tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Egypt", Aquaculture International, 2020.

Graduate Exams

Dear future colleagues,

The Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research sent us a WhatsApp message a few days ago informing us that the exams for all graduate classes will be paper based. That means that it will be similar in form to what you are all accustomed to. 

Based on the above, I would recommend strongly that you start pooling your questions set; the 10-15 questions that I ask you to prepare at the end of each lecture. Once you have done that, please, send me what you have. It is a good exercise for you.