Personal data:

  • Asmaa Abdelmonaem Mahmoud Aly Attya.
  • Born in August 1983.
  • Married


  • graduated from high school ,Om Elabtal secondry school for girls , 2000.
  • studied medicine at Kasr Alainy shool of medicine ,BCH. of medicine and surgery,November 2006.
  • Master degree of ophthalmology from Kasr Alainy shool of medicine,December 19th 2011.
  • MD of ophthalmology from Kasr Alainy shool of medicine, November 2019.


  •   House officer at Kasr Alainy Hospital from march 2007 to february 2008
  •  resident of ophthalmology at ophthalmology department, Kasr Alainy Hospital from April 2008 to May 2011.
  • Assisstant lecturer of ophthalmology at ophthalmology department ,Kasr Alainy school of medicine from march 2012.