Radiographical Examination and Treatment of Wattle Cyst in Goats and Sheep

Abu-Seida, A. M., "Radiographical Examination and Treatment of Wattle Cyst in Goats and Sheep", Global Veterinaria, vol. 12, issue 6, pp. 862-864, 2014.


The present study was carried out on 7 kids and 2 lambs with wattle cysts. Full case history,
clinical and radiographical examinations were performed. Three methods of treatment were tried including;
surgical excision (Group 1), lancing and dressing with povidone iodine (Group 2) and aspiration followed by
intra-cystic injection of dexamethason and crystalline penicillin (Group 3). Results showed that wattle cyst is
a congenital defect affects mainly male kids especially Nubian and Nubian crossbred. The cyst may be unilateral
or bilateral locating at the base of wattle. Clinically, the cyst appeared as painless, movable, fluctuating and
circumscribed subcutaneous swelling of 3-10 cm in diameter. The skin over the cyst was normal with presence
or absence of the wattles. Radiographically, the cyst appeared as subcutaneous circumscribed swellings
without any connection with the surrounding tissues. Radical excision of the cyst is the best treatment for
wattle cyst

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