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Morgan, A. M., A. H. Osman, and S. A. Said, "Toxicological and pathological evaluation of prolonged Vectra fungicide exposure in male rats", Egyptian J. Comp. Pathol. and Clinical Pathol., vol. 20, issue 1, pp. 92- 118, 2007.
Morgan, A. M., Mona K Galal, H. A. Ogaly, and P. N. Marwa A. Ibrahim, Reham M. Abd-Elsalam, "Tiron ameliorates oxidative stress and inflammation in titanium dioxide nanoparticles induced nephrotoxicity of male rats", Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, vol. 93, pp. 779- 787, 2017. published_titanium_kidney_mona.pdf
El-Tawil, O. S., and A. M. Morgan, "Teratogenic effect of trivalent and hexavalent chromium compounds in rabbits.", The anual international conference of the American Sosciety of Toxicology (Toxicologist) 54 (1): 32 (Abstract No. 153), USA, 6 March, 2000.
Morgan, A. M., "Teratogenic effect of the coumarinic anticoagulant rodenticide, racumin in white rats", J Egypt Soc Toxicol, vol. 34, pp. 5-14, 2006. Abstract
Hassan, M. S., A. M. Morgan, M. M. Mekawy, A. R. Zaki, and Z. M. Ghazi, "Teratogenic effect of cisplatin in rats and the protective role of sodium selenate", Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology, vol. 68, issue 5: Elsevier, pp. 277-287, 2016. Abstract