Phthisis bulbi: clinical and pathologic findings in retinoblastoma.

Taha, H., Amer H. Z., El-Zomor H., eldin A. A., Nour R., Konsowa R., et al. (2015).  Phthisis bulbi: clinical and pathologic findings in retinoblastoma.. Fetal and pediatric pathology. 34(3), 176 - 84.


PURPOSE Phthisis bulbi represents an ocular end-stage disease characterized by shrinkage and disorganization of the eye. We aim at identifying the pathologic changes of phthisis bulbi associated with retinoblastoma. DESIGN Retrospective observational case series study. METHODS 16 enucleated eyes were enrolled retrospectively between 2007 and 2012. Pathologic gross and microscopic findings were assessed. RESULTS Cases showed grossly shrunken eyes with a mean volume of 4.3 cc. Sclera was markedly thickened in the majority of cases with mean of 2272.8 μ. Choroid showed an average thickness of 1029 μ. Necrosis, dystrophic calcification, ossification, gliosis, residual viable tumor was identified in many cases. Pathologic high risk factors were seen in three specimens. CONCLUSIONS We conclude that retinoblastoma must be considered in the differential diagnosis of phthisis bulbi in the pediatric patients and active tumor was present in half of the patients.



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