Ahmad Samir Ahmad AlFaar, ophthalmologist and oncology clinical research specialist with a mission to improve research in the are of ocular tumours and pediatric oncology and integrate eLearning in medical education.
He studied bachelor medicine in Cairo University school of medicine (1999-2005) then Masters of ophthalmology in the same university (2007-2012), during this he completed certificate of “Principles and practice of Clinical Research” with distance learning in Harvard university (2009) and diploma of medical informatics at Helwan university (2007-2010). Realizing the idea of importance of disseminating this knowledge He was awarded a grant to study eLearning from ministry of foreign affairs, Germany to study eLearning in Practice (2009). He recently finished masters of advanced oncology at Ulm University, Germany with thesis specialization in computational biology. He is currently doing research for on ocular tumours as MD scholar at the ophthalmology department, Cairo University. He has 9 published full-text articles and 30 conference presentations between 2011 and 2014.
He started working while studying in the university as founder and administrator of KasrAlAiny School of Medicine website and eLearning portal (2001-2008), and as IT manager in Learning Resource Center (2005-2008).