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Sara El Sayed Khalifa


of pathology

, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr El Aini, Cairo University

Phone: 002 01227271303/27011516



October 2016- till now: frozen section examination at kasr alainy frozen section unit 

June 2016-till now: microscopic examination at dr soliman saba lab, el maadi, Cairo

Aug 2015-jul 2016: lecturer of pathology at armed forces collage of medicine

Feb 2014-till now: participant of gynecologic pathology unit

March 2013-till now: Lecturer&consultant (pathology department)

Main responsibilities

microscoping description &diagnosis (hospital work) (general surgical pathology, lymphoma group& gynecologic pathology)

-undergraduate students teaching (faculty of medicine): practical pathology

-undergraduate students teaching (faculty of medicine): theoretical pathology lessons (general pathology, surgical pathology)

-undergraduate students teaching (faculty of medicine) (Malaysian students): practical& theoretical pathology lessons (histopathology slides, museum jars)

- Postgraduate teaching for clinician

- Postgraduate teaching for junior gynecologic pathologists

- Postgraduate teaching for junior pathologists


- in exams &evaluation (under&post graduates) (MCQ, essay)

-correction of exams









Scientific conferences (certificates are available)

BGICC annual conferences (annually) (breast-gynecological international cancer conference)

ESLM annual conference (Egyptian society of laboratory medicine)

Egyptian society of pathology annual conferences, periodic meetings

The royal college of pathologists: workshops on pathology of malignant lymphoma



Item question bank at LRC (learning resources center): March 2016

How to write clinical scenario at AFCM (armed forces collage of medicine): Aug 2015

Integrated credit points program of MBBch at LRC (learning resources center): Aug 2015

Curriculum development at AFCM (armed forces collage of medicine): July 2015

Student evaluation at

MEDC (medical education development center)

Searching engine practice in digital library at Cairo University

Teaching skills at FLDC (faculty and leadership development center)

Jan 2009 quality management in teaching process

Jul 2009 funding of scientific projects

Dec 2009 communication skills

June 2010 International publications

Oct 2011 use of technology in teaching

Jul 2012 Exams and student evaluation systems

Oct 2012 legal& financial aspects in university environment

Dec 2012 the credit hour systems

Jan 2013Time and conferences management

Jan 2013 managing research teams

Feb 2013 university code of ethics

Feb 2013 research ethics

Jun 2015 conference organization

Oct 2015 international publishing of scientific research

Apr 2016 change management

     Jul 2016 Effective Presentation skills

 Oct 2016 Quality management in hospitals and clinics  


Extracurricular activities

Facilitator of Integrated credit points program of MBBch Jan 2017: till now

Editor of systemic pathology book of 3rd year students at kasr alaini, faculty of medicine (in progress)

Quality assurance committee member at armed forces collage of medicine

Contributor of general pathology book of 3rd year students at kasr alaini, faculty of medicine (in progress)

Contributor of practical pathology book of 3rd year students at AFCM armed forces collage of medicine (delayed)



Endometrial Carcinoma a Comparative Multicentre Epidemiologic and Pathologic Study

Expression of bcl-2 and ki-67 in colorectal carcinoma immunohistochemical and histopathological study


International publications

Abdelbadieaa M, Shaker OG, Hosni HN, Khalifa SE, Shazly AF. Human papillomavirus (HPV) in Egyptian females: study by cytology, histopathology, colposcopy and molecular diagnosis of high risk types. Malays J Pathol. 2016; 38(3):257-266. Available at

Khairy RA, Salah M, Khalifa SE. Expression of stem cell marker Bmi 1 in invasive breast cancer and correlation with ER, PR, HER2 neu, and KI67 Kasr Al Ainy Med J 2016;22:109-14



Khalifa SE, Khairy RA, Bassam A.  Expression of Cathepsin D and BCL-2 in Colorectal Carcinoma, And Their Correlation with Proliferation Indices. Egyption journal of pathology

 Khalifa SE. Standardization of Reporting Urine Cytology: The Paris System (TPS). Advances in cytology &pathology 2016

 Khalifa SE, Kassab A. Iodide Laser versus radiofrequency in  histopathological evaluation of tonsillectomy specimens

Khalifa SE, Khairy RA, Ramadan R. FGFR3 A favourable marker in urothelial carcinoma. Egyptian journal of pathology

Asar A, Khalifa SE, Gabal S. Oct 4 stem cell marker immunohistochemical expression expression in urothelial carcinoma. Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine

Thesis supervision

Immunohistochemical study of the expression of OCT-4 marker in bladder urothelial carcinoma and its clincopathologic significance

Estrogen receptor expression in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (histopathological and immunohistochemical study)

Comparative study between umbilical and uterine Doppler indices and placental morphology and pathology in pregnant women with high and normal body mass index

GATA 3 expression in invasive mammary carcinoma in correlation to ER, PR receptors

Fatty liver disease in pediatric hepatology clinic; etiology and histopathology


Extra Lectures

Faculty of nursing (2013/2014, 2014/2015)

Faculty of dentistry (annually)

Post graduate lectures for clinicians (annually)

Post graduate lectures for junior pathologists



Degrees Held


Exact degree title






Master degree




Internal medicine &general surgery