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Ahmed, I., A. K. Eldin, H. Mostafa, and A. N. Mohieldin, "Utilizing Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration to Reduce the Cost of FPGA Debugging", IEEE New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), Canada, July, 2018.
AbdElFattah, M., A. Mohieldin, A. Emira, A. Hussien, and E. Sanchez-Sinencio, "Ultra-Low-Voltage Power Management Unit for Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications", IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), Montreal, Canada, June, 2012.
Abdelbadie, S. A., A. A. Mikhael, M. M. Helmy, B. A. Elgharabawy, and A. N. Mohieldin, "An Ultra-Low-Power RF Receiver for IoT Applications using 65nm CMOS Technology", International Conference on Modern Circuits and Systems Technologies (MOCAST), Greece, May, 2018.
Ibrahim, M. A. A., M. M. Aboudina, and A. N. Mohieldin, "An Ultra-Low-Power MPPT Architecture for Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Systems", IEEE International Conference on Smart Technologies (EUROCON) , Macedonia, July, 2017.
Elhebeary, M. R., M. M. Aboudina, and A. N. Mohieldin, "An Ultra-Low-Power Boost Converter for Microscale Energy Scavenging", IEEE International Conference EUROCON (Computer as a Tool), Spain, September, 2015.
Mamdouh, A., M. Aboudina, F. Hussien, and A. N. Mohieldin, "An Ultra-Broad-Band Low-Distortion High-Efficiency Class-D Power Amplifier in 130nm CMOS Technology", IEEE NEWCAS, Munich, Germany, June, 2019.
Rashed, K., O. Hassan, M. M. Aboudina, A. N. Mohieldin, and F. Hussien, "An ULP Capacitor-DAC-Based Constant-Slope Digital-to-Time Converter", International Conference on Microelectronics (ICM), Jordan, December, 2020.