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L. A. Said, I. S. M., M. A. H. A G Radwan, M. F. A. El-Yazeed, and A. M. Soliman, "On The Optimization of Fractional Order Low-Pass Filters,", Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, vol. 35, issue 6, pp. 2017-2039, 2016. 11-vol_35_june_2016.pdf
L.Said, A.G.Radwan, A. H. Madian, and A. M. Soliman, "Three Fractional-Order-Capacitors-Based Oscillators with Controllable Phase and Frequency,", Circuits Systems and Computers, vol. 26, issue 10, 2017. 32-oct_2017-three_fractional...pdf
LA Said, E. O., A. H. Madian, A. G. Radwan, and A. M. Soliman, "Stability analysis of fractional-order Colpitts oscillators", Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing , vol. 101, issue 2, pp. 267-279, 2019. said2019_article_stabilityanalysisoffractional-.pdf