My speciality is the integration of specialities. I am a multidisciplinary person by nature, background, and practice.
Multidisciplinary scientist who combines academic, managerial, industrial, and entrepreneurial experiences. Associate Professor of Computing and Computational Sciences and Director of Technology and Innovation. Holds a PhD in Computer Science and Postdoctoral experience in Computational Science from Florida State University and US Patent No. 6,958,442 B2.
I combine intelligence with high-performance computing to model and solve problems in complex dynamical uncertain systems. My academic and entrepreneurial experience now is in the intersection of HPC and AI with Big Data, IoT, and Computational and Data-Driven Sciences and Technologies.
I find HPC and AI inevitable and inseparable in our current and future life with pervasive applications in virtually every field and aspect of life. The mere scientific investigations and discoveries in this modern combination of sciences and technologies is priceless, but not enough. Transition to applications and innovations on multiple levels is an absolute necessity to produce the sought impacts and justify the continuation of tremendous investment.