Dr. Ahmed Shawky Moussa combines the academic, industrial, entrepreneurial, and managerial experience in both public and private sectors and in both national and international projects and organizations. In addition to his academic experience in Egypt, USA, and Europe, Dr. Moussa served at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology as the Program Director of R&D Centers of Excellence program. In the course, he managed the program to create several centers and actually cofounded the Center of Excellence in Data Mining and Computer Modeling which introduced a unique model combining academia with local and multinational companies. The unique model also combined basic with applied research with clear focus on innovation. At the MCIT, he also managed the Technology Incubation program hosting and leading 10 companies and designing the technology incubation strategy for the future. Dr. Moussa obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida State University and holds the US patent No. US 6,958,442 B2. He is currently Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Founder and Head of the R&D High Performance Computing lab, and Director of Cairo University Technology Innovation Commercialization Office CU-TICO. Dr. Moussa is also Adjunct Faculty at the American University in Cairo.